Stevia instead of sugar??????

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Stevia instead of sugar??????

Post by Galloway Gal » 27 Sep 2015, 23:53

I was just reading Sadie's item about trying honey, syrup, maple syrup etc in Sloe Gin (thanks Sadie!) and it occurred to me that since I last regularly posted on here (2007-2008) various versions of Stevia have hit the market.

I quite like the taste of Truvia, as the slightly vanilla taste generally sits well with my taste-buds, however in my minds eye I can't see it working as far as the necessary thick syrupy "mouth feel" of Sloe Gin is concerned. As we now have Diabetes in the family I would like to try using Stevia, in one format or another, in my Sloe Gins and liquers - so has anybody out there tried this and if so, what was the resulting concoction like and, most especially, did it keep?

Any and all feedback welcomed...

Many thanks.

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