How much sloe gin do you make?

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How much sloe gin do you make?

Post by ChrisR » 21 Mar 2015, 12:49

Last year was my first year making hedgerow fruit liqueurs, after being given some incredible 30-year old sloe gin at a party in Spring, It made me realise that to get something this old I'd have to make plenty each year so that I can always leave a bottle or two to really age over a long period. As I didn't know exactly which recipe would work I varied things a lot and tried some other fruits but in general it worked out like this:

Sloes: picked 9kg, 8 litres made of sloe gin & sloe & white bullace gin - still have about 4kg of sloes left plus 4-litres in jars still on the go
Damsons: 2.5kg picked, 3.5 litres of gin & vodka made - plus 1-litre in jars still on the go
White Bullace: 7kg picked, 4 litres of gin & vodka made with about 3kg left

I plan to make some Pacharan and a bit more sloe & bullace gin as the year progresses. My friends all think I've gone mad but the ones that have tasted the results have changed their tune and a few are planning to make their own next year! ;)

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Re: How much sloe gin do you make?

Post by bugbear » 16 Apr 2015, 15:52

Agreed - my productions rate is designed to out strip consumption, so that
a tasty backlog builds up.

This plan did not go well in Autummn 2012 when there were NO sloes.

My normal batch is 7.5 Litres of gin.


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