Blackberry whisky

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Blackberry whisky

Post by paul4883 » 22 Sep 2004, 16:04

I know its abit late for this, but I have 2 bottles on for Christmas:

4lbs of blackberrys
8oz of sugar (more or less to taste)
1 bottle of whisky

Follow the instructions as for sloe gin except after the first couple of weeks move to a dark cupboard to keep the dark colour.

I will let you know how my first batch turns out!

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Blackberry whisky

Post by Tonyginlash » 20 Jan 2008, 11:46

I'm fairly new to creating my own fruit drinks, but I have been very pleased with my first bramble whisky attempt. I have loads of blackberries in my freezer, so I used 2 lbs of them. I put them into a glass sweet jar, added 1lb raw cane sugar and topped the jar with 2 bottles of cheap (Aldi's) whisky. Cling filmed and lidded the jar. Shook the jar regularly and strained and bottled the whisky after 4 weeks. The liquor is delicious and the blackberries were used as a dessert and served with fresh cream.
Am now doing loganberries in vodka - similar amout of sugar to my whisky effort and I have also got some homemade orange brandy on the go. For that I used the peel only of 3 large oranges and 3 satsumas, 2 litres of cheap brandy and 1lb sugar. That's now nearly a month old and I'll bottle it at Easter - at the moment its really beginning to taste like Cointreau.

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Re: Blackberry whisky

Post by JAA » 18 Nov 2014, 06:55

I made mine with this mix:

3lb blackberries
8oz sugar
3.3l whiskey (full demi john). Whatever's cheapest.

We don't have 'sweet teeth' in this house, and this produces a very blackberry'ey liqueur but with only enough sugar to take the edge off. It makes five full bottles of liqueur of a very deep purple colour and a 'sample' which is knocked back on the day 'in case it goes off'. The blackberries left over are pretty much washed out of colour and taste rather bitter, despite it seeming a waste I chucked them out, even with a big wodge of cream they wouldn't have been that good.

(P.S. Hello everyone)

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