Plum ideas?

What other fruit do you bottle? Exchange recipe ideas here (No sloes or damsons here please)

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Plum ideas?

Post by ben » 31 Aug 2009, 19:52

Hi i have recently come across a plentyful supply of plums and wondering if anyone one has any suggestions as to what drinks i could make with them? wondering at the minute what they would be like done like we do sloe's?!
any ideas would be gratefully received. cheers

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Re: Plum ideas?

Post by grace » 02 Sep 2009, 23:04

They are nice in white rum, rather than gin. This year I'm trying them in a dark rum with some spices as well ....

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Re: Plum ideas?

Post by penguinbrau » 05 Sep 2009, 09:43

This year I discovered a number of plum trees on waste ground near our house. I was out picking blackberries at the time so I collected a few lb of plums too and ended up making a plum and blackberry wine.

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