OMG what now for Xmas??

What other fruit do you bottle? Exchange recipe ideas here (No sloes or damsons here please)

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OMG what now for Xmas??

Post by tori » 13 Sep 2008, 10:54

Well had been planning on giving 10 relatives damson gin for Xmas - to find that damsons are basically unobtainable this year due to poor summer :( Can anyone suggest a failsafe recipe using fruit I can buy - frozen even? - that will be ready to bottle in earlish Dec in time to send away for Xmas presents?

Was thinking of raspberry vodka - but I think I'd have to leave the rasberries in for longer than 3 months right? Or blackberry vodka? Do you think it would be ok to used mixed frozen "fruits of the forest" to make some sort of tasty alcohol?

Any help or suggestions would be truly greatfuly recieved, I simply cannot afford to buy presents instead of making them!

TIA Tori

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Re: OMG what now for Xmas??

Post by Galloway Gal » 05 Oct 2008, 11:14

Since I freeze my sloes before making my sloe gin anyway, I can't see any problem with using frozen fruit, other than the fact that if the freezing breaks the fruit down too much (sloes are bullet-proof after all!) it MIGHT make the result a bit cloudy, but, hey, you can always filter that out.

I'm sure there is a string on here about using frozen fruit somewhere and I seem to think that raspberries are supposed to be particularly good. I like your Fruits of the Forest idea too - no more waiting until October/November - and something at the end of it that you can't buy in the shops.

One last thought tho - since it is now October, I think you are going to be hard-pressed to have anything ready now, for early December. Guess we sloe gin addicts were a bit late making our way here again this year to be of much help to you. Sorry.

Galloway Gal

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