Creme de menthe

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Creme de menthe

Post by Tonyginlash » 20 Jan 2008, 11:56

Here's an unusual one to share with you.
20 Clarnico fondant peppermints and cut each in half.
1 litre vodka
1 small bottle liquid glycerine.
* * * * * *
Pour half a pint of vodka into a jug and set aside.
Add the 20 halved sweeties to the vodka bottle.
Also add the glycerine.
Add 1 teaspoon of green or blue food colouring for effect.
Top up the bottle from that which was set aside. (Drink what's left over with your favourite mixer)
Screw on the cap and shake well.

Shake regularly over the next 48 hours to disolve the mints. Refrigerate and drink when fancied.
This makes a really lovely mint liqueur. I have made four bottles of it since the idea came to mind late last year.

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