Hawthorn Gin

What other fruit do you bottle? Exchange recipe ideas here (No sloes or damsons here please)

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Hawthorn Gin

Post by SloeGinTimeAgain » 07 Dec 2007, 09:01

Hi, New here.
After a few years of considering making some sloe gin I finally got round to picking sloes this year and
have some 'on the go' at the moment awaiting bottling.
I've also had a go at hawthorn gin ,which I've just tried, using the sloe recipe on this site, though less sugar.
Considering that it was a bit of a rushed attempt, I really couldn't face pricking\slicing all those tiny haws and just
mushed them up, it's turned out great. Maybe a touch cloudy. Only steeping for 6 weeks it's sort of a
cross between gin and tawny port with a bit of aniseed and possibly benolyn in there. I certainly would
recomend having a go. Haws are easy to find during Autumn, though I'm not sure which type I used. Some small
bright red others larger and more of a plum-burgundy shade. Next year I'll make a good deal more!
I'll let you lot know how the sloe gin turns out (actually I'm fairly sure some of it is pure bullace gin)

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More Hawthorn stuff

Post by Trackdaytyres » 22 Dec 2007, 22:33

Well I made the hawthorn blancmange that you may have seen on Ray Mears ...... Apparently our ancestors used to make it, to which it was dried and would last all year round. But the faffing about de-stoning did not do it justice because the end result is akin to chewing bark!!
I'll try the Gin next year methinks.

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Post by sloe virgin » 24 Jun 2008, 15:19

I made hawthorn gin a few years back and it was lovely. Bit cough mixtury but tasty all the same and went down well out of the hip flask thats for sure.
Love me gin so thought I'd make my own now I'm a rural abiding girlie!

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