Blackberry Vodka

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Blackberry Vodka

Post by shinobi » 30 Aug 2007, 16:25

Here's a new recipe that my sister passed over to me. (After the judicious use of thumbscrews!!)

Into a 1 litre bottle, put approx 12oz blackberries. Add 4 good tablespoons of demerera sugar, 8 cloves and some broken cinnamon stick.

Then top up with cheap Vodka. A 75cl bottle should be enough. Put the lid on and wait...

Give the bottle a good shake every couple of days to help the sugar dissolve.

After a few weeks/months/whatever you can stand, strain the liquid into another bottle, and eat the berries with ice-cream. Alternatively, youy could crush and strain them and add the juice to the vodka.

Lethal and gorgeous. :lol:


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Blackberry Vodka & Champagne

Post by simoncarter » 23 Mar 2008, 12:15

Made some blackberry vodka with the bumper crop of blackberries from the back garden. Can't remember precisely but think basic recipe was to fill a large necked 750 ml bottle with blackberries, add 100g or so of sugar and top up with cheap vodka. Tastes lovely on its own but goes fantastically with champagne as a kind of take on a Kir Royale. Tried making one lot with a couple of cloves and some cinnamon added and it was even better.

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Re: Blackberry Vodka

Post by SloeWolf » 25 Sep 2008, 17:48

I have just started some blackberry vodka, i bought a litre and had another litre bottle empty so split the vodka between the two and added 500g freshly frozen blackberries about 70g of sugar to one bottle and 500g blackberries and about 70g of vanilla sugar to the other. cant wait to try the results

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