NEED HELP!! too much sugar

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NEED HELP!! too much sugar

Post by LynneB » 13 Oct 2015, 14:04

Hi all sloe gin makers

I've used a tried and trusted sloe gin recipe (2 pints sloes, 2 pints gin & 12oz sugar) i've collected a bumper crop this year and have already made 13 pints of sloe gin but have accidentally added double the sugar and am devastated as it already looks very syrupy, apart from trying to get more sloes and add more gin what can i do...does anyone have any suggestions....ive heard some people add vodka and other berries, has anyone tried this?

Any helpful suggestions much appreciated.


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Re: NEED HELP!! too much sugar

Post by Blackthorn » 15 Oct 2015, 12:19

Don´t panic, this sounds quite easy to fix!

1) Pour all the syrupy gin into a large container,
- but leave the sloes in the bottles.

2) Top-up the large container with an equal amount of fresh gin.

3) Finally, re-fill your bottles again (which already contain your sloes).

4) Of course you will need to find new bottles and new sloes to use up the gin now left over after refilling all your original bottles. Do not add more sugar when filling your new bottles, ha ha.
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