What % is best? 17%,20%,30%,37.5%,40%,45%, +45%

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What % is best? 17%,20%,30%,37.5%,40%,45%, +45%

Post by GARYSMIFF » 24 Jun 2015, 21:45

Evening people,
Now I happen to have a large amount of room in my freezer being taken up buy last years Sloes that I did not get round to processing.

Last years swimming pool of SG has all gone I thought I would make some room and some of that Almond bitter sweet fruit joy that my sloes provide.

Now my question is, if you tinker with recipes what alcoholic percentage do you use?

Let me know what your ideal % is and to be honest if your just whacking in a spirit I'm not sure that is of any interest to me ( Sorry) but feel free to let us know.

Yes 17% is likely as low as you would want to go if you are to preserve the nectar but what have you found to be a good alcoholic strength, I just want to see if I'm the only one varying the % or are most using off the shelf Spirits and dumping it in.

FYI the best Sloe brew I make is with 35% neutral spirit, Contains a Lemon, Coffee Beans, Star anise ( more of Patxaran than SG )and the sugar is added after the liquid is decanted off the fruit, Cider is then added to the leftover fruit for a few days so not to waste the remaining alcohol.

many thanks in advance


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