Sounds Like Heresy To Me!

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Sounds Like Heresy To Me!

Post by banherb2000 » 13 Sep 2013, 18:17

Whilst searching the web, trying to find an answer to the eternal question of "pick or freeze", I stumbled across the following blog with a rather novel suggested method for making sloe gin ... uick-sloe/

On an associated blog, after questions from several sloe gin makers, they claim the results were pretty comparable to normal home-made slow gin, just much faster....

So, has anybody ever tried this or, if not, is there anyone around who fancies giving it a go and reporting back (don't look at me, I dunno why anybody would even have a nitrogen-powered cream-whipper - it sounds like something that would be much more at home in an S&M club than a kitchen :shock:) ?

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Re: Sounds Like Heresy To Me!

Post by penguinbrau » 29 Sep 2013, 15:27

This looks like pressure-cooking but without the heat. The cream-whipper in the photo looks like the standard sort you see in bakeries or restaurants to make instant whipped cream for cakes and puddings. If the flavour is close enough to the slow infusion method then in theory there shouldn't be a problem but some part of me still thinks it's cheating a bit.

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