Sloe bushes

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Sloe bushes

Post by Hellycat7 » 11 Aug 2013, 18:12

I was delighted to discover a field packed with sloe bushes whilst out walking with my dogs some months back. Making a mental note of where they were I have been back today (mid august) to check on progress of growing sloes. Unfortunately I found that there wasn't a single sloe in sight - and they are definitely blackthorn bushes. Its too early for them to have been picked off. So why is it that there are no sloes? I am in Cumbria and have seen them growing in other places closeby. Any ideas?

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Re: Sloe bushes

Post by SWLondoner » 13 Aug 2013, 11:26

I think it's around this time the sloes start growing. I'd check back in a few weeks.

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