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New to the Sloe Club

Post by jcwads » 22 Dec 2012, 11:56

Hi There

This is my first year to make sloe gin. I realised that I have a large row of blackthorn at the back of my garden with ample supplies of sloes....

I picked the sloes at the very beginning of November just after a frost with the idea of having a tipple for Christmas and to give some away to family etc.

However that would mean it has only been in process for 7 weeks. I did try a tiny sample last night and it tasted lovely - sweet with a hint of almond. But I am concerned that if I use it so soon it could be even better if left till feb?

A silly quandary I know but if anyone can provide some advice on the matter it would be well received. My initial thought is that if it tastes so good now then why not have it for Christmas........

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Re: New to the Sloe Club

Post by nanor » 22 Dec 2012, 13:43

Your "initial thoughts" look spot on to me. Enjoy :lol:

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Re: New to the Sloe Club

Post by sadie » 28 Feb 2013, 00:34

If you have enough, then I'd say enjoy some of it now and set some aside to see how it develops over time. Taste it a little at a time, and next year compare it to a fresh batch.

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