fruity vodka

What other spirits do you use for bottling fruit? Exchange recipe ideas here

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fruity vodka

Post by divingcpl » 09 Dec 2006, 12:49

this being my first year of making sloe gin my wife asked if i could do some sloe vodka, which i have made.
on a visit to our local tesco's we were down the frozen food aisle when i spotted frozen rassberrys and blueberrys both in 500gm bags so popped down the spirit aisle and picked up some vodka.
500gm fruit
2 oz of suger
half litre vodka
it has turned out really well if only i can keep the wife from drinking it before xmas.
word of warning try to use a wide neck jar for the blueberrys as trying to put them into a vodka bottle turns your hand-hands a deep purple colour for about 3 days :oops:
we have a little patch of strawberrys in the back garden so will try with them next year.
oh yes the wife wanted jelly baby vodka so did that last night she had seen it somewhere and wanted to try it.
another word of warning wash of the white sugery stuff on them first as it clouds the vodka :oops:
good sipping :D

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Post by Srebarna Birding » 20 Dec 2006, 21:28

Love the strawberry idea :D :D

I will definitely try that one ...thanks!
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Re: fruity vodka

Post by scotcollect » 03 Oct 2010, 17:57

Hi Having been told about this site by my son, I have used your recipe to make blackberry vodka (the hedges are full of them) and I am now going to have a go at blueberry vodka. Can you please tell me if you have to prick the blueberries as you do with sloes.


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Re: fruity vodka

Post by katebak » 23 Dec 2011, 22:24

I've just started some cranberry vodka. I imagine it will be delicious, although at present it looks as though it's full of 'E' numbers!! :D

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Re: fruity vodka

Post by frosty » 16 Jan 2012, 15:07

what is Jelly baby vodka (other than the obvious I suppose)

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